The aim of this website is to enable broad support for the Breastfeeding Manifesto by individuals, organisations and parliamentarians.

This website was comissioned and project managed by Alison Baum of Best Beginnings on behalf of the Breastfeeding Manifesto Coalition. Alison Baum is co-founder of the Breastfeeding Coalition.

For the Manifesto, we would like to thank:

Jo Bradshaw who designed the Breastfeeding Manifesto so beautifully and gave of her time freely to do so.

Petra Finkenzeller and Ruth Corney for their stunning photographs in the Manifesto document and to Magdalene

For this website we would like to thank:

Petra Finkenzeller for so generously enabling the Breastfeeding Manifesto Coalition to use her incredibly intimate and powerful photographs to form the basis of the design of this website.

Studio Baum for capturing the colour within Petra’s images and conveying them into a website design that is beautiful in its simplicity and its ease of navigability.

JS Computing for quickly taking the design and building a website which is a simple to use as it was complex to build.

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The above photograph is the copyright of Petra Finkenzeller.